Pyro cakes

Any holiday often ends with a firework. In this case it becomes unforgettable and gives many pleasant emotions. For this reason our company suggests you to buy fireworks wholesale for their subsequent sale to your clients! By the way, buy our products on-line can clients from the different countries and …

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#26353 CAKES 1.0 16 SHOTS
red palm white strobe ,brocade crown blue star ,purple green palm time rain ,red green palm chrys .
Price, FOB: 30.35$
Packing: 12/1
per item: 2.53$
per shot: 0.16$
#25705 MODULE CAKES 1.2 100 SHOTS
1.Silver strobe with crackling
2.Red dahlia with time rain
3.Brocade with green strobe
4.Yellow coco with white strobe
6.Blue peony with white strobe
7.Green dahlia with crackling
Price, FOB: 19.43$
Packing: 1/1
per item: 19.43$
per shot: 0.19$
#25630 MODULE CAKES 1.2 100 SHOTS
1.brocade crown with blue pearl
2. golden willow with white strobe
3. red blue pearl with golden strobe
4. brocade crown with green pearl
5. red palm white strobe
6. chrys to purple with chry to green
7. purple pearl lemon with chrys tail brocade crown with green pearl
9. ti golden palm with red strobe green strobe
10. red pearl chrys
Price, FOB: 19.79$
Packing: 1/1
per item: 19.79$
per shot: 0.20$
#26258 CAKES 1.2 49 SHOTS
silver spinner tail to red green star , blue tail silver spider red star , purple palm time rain chrys ,time rain willow green star ,silver time rain green strobe , silver time rain green strobe , silver time rain tail to time rain , silver time rain tail to time rain , red tail to red palm chrys , silver time rain tail to silver chrys .
Price, FOB: 23.02$
Packing: 2/1
per item: 11.51$
per shot: 0.23$
#25521 CAKES 2.0 49 SHOTS
Red pearl with white strobe,green pearl with gold chrys,brocade with green strobe,red and green with white strobe,red palm blue pearl with time rain,purple pearl with green strobe,red green palm with chrys
Price, FOB: 24.28$
Packing: 1/1
per item: 24.28$
per shot: 0.50$
#25802 MODULE CAKES 1.1 36 SHOTS
Red dahlia white strobe,green dahlia white strobe,purple dahlia,white strbe,blue dahlia white strobe,white glittering willow to red ,golden glittering willow to green strobe
Price, FOB: 24.28$
Packing: 4/1
per item: 6.07$
per shot: 0.17$
#26326 CAKES 12X1.2"/3X2.0" 15 SHOTS
brocade tail crackling +red tail red green pearl,red tail red blue pearl silver strobe+brocade tail color peony chrys,red tail purple blue pearl+brocade tail sliver strobe chrys,brocade crown red strobe
Price, FOB: 29.68$
Packing: 4/1
per item: 7.42$
#26318 CAKES 1.5 9 SHOTS
golden to red &silver strobe mine brocade crown to red silver strobe,
golden to green &silver strobe mine brocade crown to green red strobe,
golden to blue &silver strobe mine brocade crown to blue time rian
Price, FOB: 32.02$
Packing: 4/1
per item: 8.00$
per shot: 0.89$
#26319 CAKES 1.5 12 SHOTS
chrys mine: brocade crown red strobe,red palm time rain,green palm cracking, chrys.
Price, FOB: 41.37$
Packing: 4/1
per item: 10.34$
per shot: 0.86$
#26330 CAKES 3.0 9 SHOTS
red to green Ti golden willow jellyfish, green to red Ti golden willow jellyfish, blue to purple Ti golden willow jellyfish,
Price, FOB: 43.17$
Packing: 2/1
per item: 21.59$
per shot: 2.40$
#26329 CAKES 3.0 9 SHOTS
brocade crown red strobe
Price, FOB: 43.17$
Packing: 2/1
per item: 21.59$
per shot: 2.40$
#26324 CAKES 15X0.8"/9X1.2"/2X2.0" 26 SHOTS
Strange sound tail red palm time rain,red tail peach red sky blue white plum,Strange sound tail silver palm time rain,green tail purple green golden plum,Strange sound tail blue palm time rain,blue tail lemon sky blue red plum,sliver tail red strobe willow.
Price, FOB: 44.07$
Packing: 4/1
per item: 11.02$
#26322 CAKES 12X1.2"/4X2.0" 16 SHOTS
red strobe mien red strobe big silver palm,sliver strobe mien silver strobe big silver palm,green strobe mien green strobe big silver palm,
2"ball: green wave red strobe,red wave silver strobe,brocade crown time rain
Price, FOB: 44.61$
Packing: 4/1
per item: 11.15$
#26325 CAKES 2.0 12 SHOTS
purple green yellow tail peach red sky blue pearl chrys,purple green pearl chrys, lemon sky blue pearl chrys.
Price, FOB: 60.26$
Packing: 4/1
per item: 15.06$
per shot: 1.26$
#26327 CAKES 2.0 12 SHOTS
red to cracking,brocade crown to red ,red to blue ,brocade crown to silver strobe,sky blue to green ,silver strobe red pearl
Price, FOB: 62.60$
Packing: 4/1
per item: 15.65$
per shot: 1.30$
#26316 CAKES 132X0.43"/48X0.6"/4X1.0" 184 SHOTS
1-4row,red strobe,5-10rows,red green time rain palm,silver tail whistling sport,11-15rows,red to blue,green to purple,blue to red,purple to green,16row,blue tail brocade crown crackling.
Price, FOB: 69.43$
Packing: 2/1
per item: 34.72$
#26315 CAKES 132X0.43"/48X0.6"/4X1.0" 184 SHOTS
red white blue to chrys,green to chrys,red to silver strobe ,green to red strobe,brocade crown + green pearl mine red palm, whistling to crackling,blue tail red pearl silver strobe crackling
Price, FOB: 69.43$
Packing: 2/1
per item: 34.72$
#26328 CAKES 0.4 176 SHOTS
red to silver strobe,green to red strobe ,blue pearl+ti time rain palm
Price, FOB: 71.59$
Packing: 3/1
per item: 23.86$
per shot: 0.14$
#26320 CAKES 1.2 10 SHOTS
green strobe mine lemon dahlia ,brocade crown green strobe ,red tail red dahlia blue pearl white strobe,half red half blue brocade crown ring.
Price, FOB: 24.28$
Packing: 4/1
per item: 6.07$
per shot: 0.61$
#26321 CAKES 1.2 16 SHOTS
sea blue pearl white strobe
Price, FOB: 26.08$
Packing: 4/1
per item: 6.52$
per shot: 0.41$
#26317 CAKES 1.0 19 SHOTS
gold willow to crackling.
Price, FOB: 28.06$
Packing: 8/1
per item: 3.51$
per shot: 0.18$
#26323 CAKES 68X0.8"/7X1.0" 75 SHOTS
red tail spit brocade crown, red & green crossette, red tail spit red green chrys,red & green crossette,red tail spit blue pearl color leave,red tail brocade crown
Price, FOB: 36.87$
Packing: 2/1
per item: 18.44$
#25415 CAKES 1.2 48 SHOTS
red wave time rain,red green wave crackling,red palm time rain,yellow palm time rain,red pearl green strobe chrys,purple lemon pearl chrys,time rain willow blue pearl
Price, FOB: 32.38$
Packing: 4/1
per item: 8.09$
per shot: 0.17$
#26260 CAKES 1.2 100 SHOTS
red palm chrys , red palm white strobe , silver spinner tail to golden chrys , silver spinner tail to red green star , brocade crown king red dahlia blue star , silver time rain tail to red dahlia chrys , golden spider red green star , red star + silver fish , whistling crackling , purple star chrys , crackling willow +red star , crackling willow + greeen star , red palm chrys , chrys mine to chrys , brocade mine to brocade crown blue star , silver time rain green strobe .
Price, FOB: 28.06$
Packing: 1/1
per item: 28.06$
per shot: 0.28$