Catalogue of fireworks and equipment

#23432 CAKES 1.1 49 SHOTS
1.Red tail rising to red coconut+rain time crackling,2.Green tail rising to green coconut+crackle,3.Red tail rising to purple coconut+rain time
crackling,4.Yellow tail rising to yellow coconut+crackle,5.Red tail rising to red umbrella+green
umbrella+chrysanthemum,6.Green tail rising to purple umbrella+lemon
umbrella+chrysanthemum,7.Gold tail rising to rain time crackling willow+blue
Price, FOB: 30.28$
Packing: 4/1
per item: 7.57$
per shot: 0.15$
#23435 CAKES 1.2 48 SHOTS
1.Gold tail and gold wave coconut with blue pearl 2. Gold tail and gold strobe willow with purple pearl 3. Gold tail and brocade crown with red strobe 4.Gold tail and silver strobe willow and green pearl 5.Gold tail and gold willow with blue pearl 6. Gold tail and brocade wave pistil with crackling 7. Gold tail and brocade coconut with time rain
Price, FOB: 31.73$
Packing: 4/1
per item: 7.93$
per shot: 0.17$
#23438 CAKES 1.2 96 SHOTS
1-3.Red coconut and big chrysanthemum 2-4. Green coconut and purple peony and white strobe 3-6. Silver coconut and red strobe 7-8. Blast gold flower wave and green peony and silver strobe interval shot( each time 2 shots up) 9-10. Blast silver and green strobe and red strobe interval shot( each time 2 shots up) 11. Blast white strobe quick continuous shot 12. Color palm quick continuous shot, full gold tail
Price, FOB: 37.74$
Packing: 2/1
per item: 18.87$
per shot: 0.20$
#17441 CAKES 1.2 100 SHOTS
1.Red tail blast red&green peony and brocade crown 2.Green tail blast green coconut and white strobe 3.Blue tail blast blue peony and red strobe willow 4.Red tail b last red&green peony and time rain willow 5.Crackling tail blast chrys.
Price, FOB: 20.03$
Packing: 1/1
per item: 20.03$
per shot: 0.20$
#16822 CAKES 1.2 49 SHOTS
1.Red tail blast red coconut and chrys.2.Green tail blast green coconut and gold strobe 3.Blue tail blast brocade crown and blue 4.Silver rotation tail blast red&green peony 5.Green tail blast green peony and crackling 6.Red tail blast red spider 7.Green tail blast red strobe and time rain
Price, FOB: 19.63$
Packing: 2/1
per item: 9.81$
per shot: 0.20$
#16821 CAKES 1.2 36 SHOTS
1.Red tail blast red&Green white strobe 2.Green tail blast green&blue peony with red strobe 3.Silver rotation tail blast chrys.4.Red tail blast gold and red 5. Green tail blast gold and green 6.Silver tail blast time rain willow
Price, FOB: 28.84$
Packing: 4/1
per item: 7.21$
per shot: 0.20$