Catalogue of fireworks and equipment

#17178 CAKES 1.2 25 SHOTS
blue tail brocade with white strobe,blue tail brocade to blue ,blue tail brocade to red, time rain tail blast brocade with time rain ,the last 5 shots together
Price, FOB: 23.33$
Packing: 4/1
per item: 5.83$
per shot: 0.23$
#17176 CAKES 0.8 36 SHOTS
red palm with white strobe ,green palm with crackling ,purple palm with green strobe,silver palm,brocade to green ,brocade to red ,1-5 row single shoots ,the last row together
Price, FOB: 27.28$
Packing: 8/1
per item: 3.41$
per shot: 0.09$
#17177 CAKES 1.0 36 SHOTS
row 1,red palm sliver glitter
row 2,crackling tail green palm crackling
row 3,purple palm green glitter
row 4,silver palm red pearl
row 5,brocade to green
row 6,brocade silver glitter
1-5 row with red green mine, 6 row with chrys mine
Price, FOB: 35.58$
Packing: 6/1
per item: 5.93$
per shot: 0.16$